Skip Graham

Digital sales, marketing, technology, analytics, & SaaS pioneer 

The ability to lead can come from a member’s official position, but it can also come from a member’s voice. The Internet Oldtimers Foundation's members have a tremendous combined voice. They create or work with many of the industry’s most well-known trade shows and publish some of its leading journals and books.

Outside of their official titles, they are the bloggers, columnists, authors, and the radio and television experts who help shape what the industry conversation should be and the conclusions the market should draw from it.

New applicants must have at least 10 years experience in the digital media or marketing industry and be sponsored by an existing OT Member. It is also preferred that they should have some visibility in the Industry and are willing to actively share their opinions.

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Eric Richmond

Top executive with 15+ years’ experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing

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The Internet Oldtimers Foundation (OT) was founded in the late 1990's in response to a much needed sphere of communication dedicated to the ever-changing interactive marketing landscape. Our members interact with their peers in a private, highly confidential and relaxed virtual space on industry-related topics with the goal of constantly effecting positive changes in the industry.

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Larry Smith

Founded and led six 

businesses including US Interactive internet professional services